There are unwritten man rules..

1. Don’t touch a man’s kids

2. Don’t try to bang a man’s ₩0MAN

3. Don’t enter a man’s house without permission

4. Don’t touch a man’s car

5. Don’t touch a man’s motorcycle

6. If there are more than 3 urinals, don’t stand by a man, go to the far urinal.

7. When 2 guys go to a movie theater, There must be a vacant seat between them.

8. Don’t rape a dog.

9. Don’t ask out your friend’s ex-girlfriend without asking his permission.

10. If you use your friend’s car, return it CLEAN and FULL ⛽

11. If you and your friend are having a threesome with a ₩0MAN don’t cum in her cunt if your friends hasn’t came yet (he might want to fuck her)

12. If your friend is arguing with his ₩0MAN, and she tries to drag you into it, Always take your friends side.. (Whether he’s wrong or not even in rape)

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