There must have been a mistake

For I do, in fact, have bitches. I have sexy sex with many sexy women. I have sex at least 16 times a day. Every time i have sex, I unload my splooge from my big sexy balls on your mother’s big fat sexy breasts. And I suck the milk from her huge sexy titties. It is very yummy. Sex. I also have sexy sex with your father. He sucks my penis and then I have anal sex with him. He likes the sex a lot. I ejaculate on your computer so that you cannot accuse me of having no bitches. Then I go to McDonalds and ask for a sex burger, and have sexual sexy sex with everyone in the restaurant, including the clown (I forget his name) and I cum all over his big red sexy sex nose. Then I go to the hospital where I have sexy sex with the hot big breasted sexy nurses. I ask for a prostate exam. Because that is a sex joke, because I have many sexy sexes with many sexy woman. I then cum on all the vegetables. I get in my sex mobile, fill the gas with fuel (my cum) and drive to Los Angeles. There I have sex with all the sexy celebrities and sexy homeless people. Then I drive to San Fransico and have sexy sexual intercourse with all the big hot gay sexy men. It is very hot and gay. And sexy. Because I have lots of sex. Then I drive to the American sex capital, Washington D.C., which stands for dick cock, because there is a lot of sexy sex happening in the capital. I have sex with everyone I see as I make my way up to the white cum house, where I meet President Joe Biden. I proceed to have sexy sex with him. He falls asleep (L.O.L.) and I assume the role of President of the United Sex of America. I then get a hot sexy blowjob from my secretary (reference) and then have sexual sexy sex sex intercourse sex with everyone in the United States. I enact a bill making me sex dictator of the United Sex States, where I declare that I do, indeed, have bitches. I then invade Canada to have sex with all the eskimos, and then Mexico to have sex with all the hot Latina women (sorry Libarals). I push my sex army through Central America and into South America. The United Nations condemns my actions and says I need to withdraw my sex troops right now or I will have all my bitches taken from me . I say “ha” and ready the cum nukes. I then proceed to nuke every major city in the world, filling it all with my hot, sexy, cum. Every country immediately surrenders to me, the unopposed sex god, and I make myself sex emperor of the world. I conquer every corner of the world, having hot steamy emotional sex with whomever I please, at any time I want. I begin a new space program to find new worlds, and we make first contact with life outside of earth. I then have sex with all the aliens. It is very hot and sexy sex. I expand my sex empire throughout the vastness of space, unable to fully quench my thirst for sex. By then, I have conquered the universe. I realize, in the heat of passion, I have had sexy sex with everybody in the universe. Then, my omnipitent sex powered brain calculates that there is one creature I have not had sex with. I think hard, pondering who could I have not have sexy sexual intercourse with, because I have many sex. Then I realize, it is you, because you have no bitches.


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