These damned females.

Can you really blame men for checking out of society though?

I mean, we’re living in a society that solely caters towards women. Every institution in the western world, from the government, to corporations, to academia, puts women on a pedestal, ensuring their success to the detriment of men. “We need more female professionals” say corporations on tv. “And also in cases of divorce the wife is entitled to the house, the kids, and monthly alimony”, says the government.

Social media companies such as Twitter not only allow misandry on their platforms (while instantly banning users guilty of any other “hate speech”), but in many cases seem to actively encourage it. You ever go to the front page of Twitter and see 20 different bimbos spouting anti-male drivel? It wasn’t put there by accident, I can assure you.

And then of course you have the problem of Tinder. Thanks to cutting edge algorithms women can now select from model-tier men. The *average* woman can select from model-tier men, to clarify. Before this technology, single people would congregate in bars, and most people would get laid. Now, essentially men are lined up by the thousands in a beauty contest to compete for the average woman. Getting a date with an attractive woman is akin to winning the lottery in 2021. You can call me an incel, or a loser, or whatever, but you know I’m right.

I look at this man and I see two options. He can either a) continue participating in the rat race to obtain sexual gratification from women, which requires a tremendous amount of time and effort with no guarantee of success, or b) say “fuck it”, get fat, and get lap dances from his favorite pornstars at AVN or wherever the fuck he goes, whom he will later furiously masturbate to.

Can you really blame him for choosing the latter?

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