They are everywhere

Day 420 of hiding. I can hear them. Their little feet walking on my roof, their peaks and claws scratching at my door, with their little wieners out, begging for my cum. I can no longer leave my house and I am beginning to no longer be safe inside either.

This morning i went for my daily maggot filled orange colored diarrhea in my bathroom, when i noticed the water being white and gooey. That was not water. They started cumming in my water supply. I open my sink, cum flows, the kitchen: all cum. Some of them tried to enter trough my toilet, only to drown in all the diarrhea and cum. Their bodies clogged the toilet and when i flushed it spilled all over the floor. My floor is now covered in piss, bird poop and cum.

I have lost track of time. My electricity is gone and all my windows have been boarded up so they can’t come inside. My only light source is the small hole in the wall trough which they stare at me. They won’t stop making moaning sounds. I haven’t slept for a while. I can’t. They are in my walls. I hear them crawling around. Cum is leaking trough the floor. They are watching me.

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