this dude sematary!

This dude Sematary, who up until about 12 hours ago was one of my all-time favorite music artists, dissed me for being a Christian by our Instagram DM’s. “This fool a christ follower 😂” is what he said to me (literally right after I raved about Murder Ride to him) because I have “Christ Follower” in my Instagram bio. Him & I have had small exchanges in these DM’s for nearly a year now, and that part of my bio has never changed. I used to wonder what he would think about that if he ever saw it because of his persona and his lyrics, even though in the end I doesn’t matter because it’s MY belief. I can listen to Sematary and not go to Hell, obviously. His response to me complimenting his music was dissing my faith in God, and whether you’re a believer or not, I hope you can recognize how disrespectful that really is to say to a fan you know has been dedicated and supportive. Not anymore, though, and surely never again. It breaks my heart because I love his music, but I have way too much self-respect to continue listening to someone‍ who chose to make fun of my religion. Idk. Had to rant because it hurts and I feel like others should hear this.

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