This guy mysteriously has a stupid amount of money and is always flexing on fb but never tells people how he got it

A random worker girl at a restaurant say to me Wow are you looking for a assistant or need me for anything after she couldn’t believe what i bought $200 worth of pizza. First I say I want a pepperoni pizza then a cheese pizza then ice cream then a vegetable pizza then a house special pizza then a deep dish pizza then when she though I was done talking I was like nope. I took out a paper list and say I want everything you see written on my paper. This is why I buy so much food. It earn me more money to offer people to work in my job. People in this world always say when you spend money you earn money. You have to spend money first to earn it. I spend money on food and people in the restaurant get surprised and ask me where I work and I end up earning it all back to become rich. I done this so much I don’t have to do it anymore cause I already went over the limited where I got an award 🥇 to get $12,631.50 every month for a life time

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