This is discrimination against the wealthy. Call corporate and file a complaint with the bbb /s

So yesterday my mother and I went to the local grocery store and I went to get the things I needed for Spaghetti. I went to a small line with only one person in front of me. The one in front of me was a dollar short because she was a single mom who worked two jobs, and the cashier helped her by getting a dollar that she had and paid the dollar for her. The single mother smiled and left then as I was getting checked out, the cashier said “your total is $23.45.” I just stood there in silence with arms crossed and raised an eyebrow. He repeated himself and then I said “aren’t you gonna pay for it yourself?” He looked all confused and I told him about the single mother situation, and he said “ma’am I’m not going to pay for your items. You don’t need help unlike her.” After a while of arguing I got kicked out, WITHOUT MY STUFF!! My mom was very embarrassed of me for no reason. UGH I am never going back there again!

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