this is exactly why 4chan users hate madghostsors so much (from r/4chan)

Holy fucking shit, this is exactly why 4chan users hate madghostsors so much. You act like your the fucking bread and butter of the internet. Like your the most sophisticated social media but truthfully your all a bunch of white priveliged clowns. Why don’t you just whip your cock out and helicopter it for the world to see. Put on some tight jeans and a cowboy hat and just fucking go to town in front of me and a bunch of other people you fucking drunk and horny little apple pie ass motherfucker. Act like you own the internet lol. The only thing you own is a big veiny cock. Fucking weird ass dude on Madghosts bro like you just piss me off, btw I just looked through your history. It’s clear your a closeted homosexual. At least youll do good in prison because your clearly dumb as fuck and some kind of criminal. I’d say have a nice day but I’ve already given this disgusting cesspool enough of my time *tips fedora* go fuck yourself.

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