TIFU by attracting an ant infestation with my sweet man juices

Obligatory this didn’t happen today. This was about two weeks ago, but I can’t sleep and this embarrassing story popped into my head.

My gf just recently moved across the country and started a new job. Between long shifts and the fact that our roommates are my parents… we haven’t exactly had many opportunities for sexy times. So about two weeks ago she got home early and decided to take a nap. Well, ya boy was horned up like a man possessed, so I went into the bathroom and worked one out. It was a spur of the moment thing and I ended up expelling my man juices in the tub.

This is the FU. Idk what I was thinking, but I just left it there. I guess I figured I’d take a shower soon and handle it then? Idk, it was the post nut shame/laziness. Anyways, I went back to my day and forgot about it. About and hour later my gf woke up and headed to the bathroom, but she returned almost immediately. “Check this out! The bathtub is filled with ants!” I walked in to check it out and there were ants pouring into the tub and there were these massive black clumps of ants exactly where I spilled my seed earlier. She was perplexed and I simply washed them down the drain. I told her the embarrassing truth after a few minutes of feeling weird and she just laughed her ass off at my ridiculousness.

She has always said that my cum was sweet, but I didn’t realize it was enough to attract loads (see what I did there?) of ants into the house.

TL;DR I spayed (literally) sweet semen all over the tub and attracted a bunch of ants for my gf to discover.

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