TIFU by blasting sailor moon

TIFU by making my brother develop the deepest fear for sailor moon.

I (16m) have been watching sailor moon every day since when I was 9. I’m not saying that i would watch it 24/7 and not have the slightest social life, but i would watch it for 1/2 hours while i had lunch after school (i was basically alone in my house except for my father) and so i would watch like 4-6 episode everyday, unless there was a special event. (To clarify: I’m not into sailor moon hentai stuffs nor I find sailor moon attractive, i Just like the show

Anyways, my brother (22) seems tired of this, because now he study’s from home and whenever i get back to school or ate lunch when I am alone except for him, he would be forced to listen to sailor moon.

Some days ago he asked me if I could stop watching that stupid show (it’s the 14th time i was rewatching it + the movies + I’ve read all the mangas 6 times) and that i should concentrate on studying/hanging out with my friends.

1. I always study after school, i usually take a 1 hour nap after sailor moon and then do my homework.
2. I always hangout with my friends like 3 times a week except for casualties, and i have plenty of relationship (many girls find me attractive because i am addicted to sailor moon)

After 3 days of continuing asking me to stop watching the show, i snapped. I decided to gather everything i had about sailor moon (and no there wasn’t a waifu pillow) and put it in his room while he was asleep.

Yesterday at 01:00 am, i started filling his room with everything: posters, mangas, cd, books. I set his phone’s notification sound has the sound sailor moon does when she transforms, and put his alarm clock sound has sailor moon op. I then settled his TV to automatically reproduce sailor moon when he would wake up.
Today at around 8:30 am (I’m not going to school because summer holiday) my brother woke up and he felt hell: he started screaming, his TV was playing sailor moon, i was texting him and calling him while his alarm clock was going off to sailor moon op.

I felt bad for him but now he is okay he has no kind of harm or anything.

However, whenever he sees sailor moon he goes crazy and does whatever to stop every contact with her, puts on headphone with music and cover his eyes.

So yeah, TIFU by giving my brother sailor moon ptsd of sailor moon but at least j can watch the show in peace.

TL:DR my brother pissed me off about me watching sailor moon so i gave him ptsd by filling his room of sailor moon stuffs

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