TIFU by drugging my husband with my vagina!

Yes you read that right. The fuck up occurred tonight. Background basics: I experience severe pelvic hurt that is triggered by hormones thanks to a super duper rare genetic blood disorder that I won’t name here because that shit belongs on [r/WTF](https://www.madghosts.com/r/WTF/). Anywho, my moonsickness is due to arrive any minute now. I felt that tell tale searing pain that comes right before the blood tide so I did what I always do to avoid actually having to feel any of it. I took excessive amounts of every drug I have on hand. Smoked some weed, guzzled some THC oil, popped in a Diazepam/Baclofen vaginal suppository and floated into bed. Husband knows that the number one pain killer for me is dick. It’s a cure all for me. Headache? Dick. Anxious? Dick. An annoying hangnail? Dick. That bitch Becky down the street smirked at me and now I’m in a mood? Dick. So, anywho, we pretty quickly get down to business. Now what I didn’t mention is that up until we got the test results confirming that his vasectomy was successful three weeks ago we had been using condoms exclusively because I’m not mom material thanks to my genetics. So we do the deed, killing the pain in the process (Yay dick). Then go to wash up, hydrate and‍ stuff before we drift off for the night and husband says he feels really relaxed. Then husband says he’s not sure he likes it. Then husband and I realized the fuck up. No condom means that his unsheathed dick was no match for my overly drug filled vagina. The man rarely takes Tylenol even though he works a physically gruelling job. He’s never even thought of trying a benzo/muscle relaxer combo. So, anywho, he’s completely out for the night and hopefully it wears off before the morning or I’m never gonna live this down. And that’s the story of how I drugged my husband with my vagina. TL;DR: Dicks can absorb drugs from vaginal suppositories during the sex.

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