TIFU by Eating my Girls A$$

So I’m not stranger to eating ass, I know the precautions, always staying clean, but hey people fuck up.

My girl and I are a pretty sexally active couple.

Before I met her I was always an anal guy, and by exploring I helped her find her love for anal.

Now we’re just about always careful, cleaning before and after, watching out diets, letting each other know when we arnt feeling well.

We are big into toys, so last week I had ordered a BIG surprise for her that was due friday,

So skip to today, toy comes in and I’m so excited that while we were warming up I decided to go downtown,
I tounge her backdoor deep, like deep deep,

I’m so excited to use out new friend, that I completely forgot she just got over food poisoning.

So skip ahead a few hours and I’m throwing up everything and pissing out my ass

I call my friend who’s a doctor and she said that is entirely possible, especially because of how soon she just over it.

Skip to now, I’m lying on a tile floor covered in vomit, listening to “Every rose has its thorn” wishing more than Uncle Rico for a Time Machine.

I ate my Girls ass after she had food poisoning and I contracted food poisoning

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