TIFU by eating tuna and spaghetti every day for a month

TIFU by eating tuna and spaghetti every day for a month

As you can see by the title, this is a TIFU that built-up over a whole month, but it didn’t hit me just how much I fucked up until today.

I woke up covered in sweat, nauseous, dehydrated, feeling my heartbeat in my belly, my guts weakly trembling under my skin.

It’s the fourth day of this hell.

I’m parched, my dry tongue sits heavy in my mouth. But just one sip of water sends my already quivering guts into a fearful tremor.

They’re working desperately to digest yesterday’s food, but after what they’ve been through, they can only handle so much.

And yet, after two hours of distracting myself with Madghosts and trying to ignore the nausea that rises every time I take a tentative sip of water, I am finally able to go to the bathroom.

Sweet, sweet relief.

Or so I thought.

As I return to bed on shaky legs, I realize my guts are still quivering. As sweat drips down my neck, I take a sip of water.

I wish I could say I made a run to the bathroom and threw it all up.

But this is not your typical stomach bug or food poisoning. There’s nothing sudden about it. It’s been festering for 30 days, and now it takes its sweet time torturing me.

I take another sip, knowing from yesterday’s experience that puking water is less painful than desperately trying to throw up nothing. I pull my hair back and make my way to the bathroom. I sit down on my knees in front of the toilet, get comfortable, pull up the seat, pray to God to make this easy.

It’s not. I start crying and wishing I could just go back to my parents’ house or even go to the hospital. Maybe have my guts emptied. Maybe be given dry tasteless toast every day by a mean nurse. Listen to a doctor yelling at me over what I’ve done to my body.

At least I wouldn’t have to be alone while I sweat and shake with endless nausea all day long.

But I did this to myself, and now I have to endure it.

See, I’ve always had a sensitive stomach. And I’ve always had a tendency to upset that sensitive stomach by eating too much of the same food at once, or eating the same for too many days in a row.

Honestly, it’s embarassing how many times I overdosed on peanuts as a kid.

But not as embarrassing as the fact that I now did practically the same thing, but worse, at the age of 21.

Every single day, for a whole month, I ate practically nothing but spaghetti with canned tuna, toasted cherry tomatoes, and black olives. Now my stomach twists at the sole thought. I don’t think I can ever have tuna again.

But worse than that, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat normally again. I can’t imagine what’s happened to my gut health after a month of such treatment.

My body had warned me. Two weeks ago I started occasionally feeling nauseous after finishing a meal. A week ago I would nauseous before bed. Just a few days ago I cringed at the thought of having spaghetti and tuna again, but it was already far too late. I was too deep in this habit to realize what I was doing.

And now, it’s been four days. Four days that have felt like an eternity.

Even bananas and toast have my constantly quivering guts doing sommersaults in fear of what’s to come. I am always on the verge of throwing up, but my body is too weak to even do that more than once a day. I can’t drink water because it makes me nauseous, I can’t drink carbonated drinks because they make me nauseous, I can’t drink tea because it makes me nauseous. I can’t even eat my all-time favorite “nausea meal”, biscuits, because even they make me nauseous.

I’m planning to slowly introduce proper, warm, homemade meals into my diet one day at a time, but this is going to be a long journey of sickness and recovery that I really don’t need when the new semester of college is about to start.

But ultimately, I have no one to blame but my lazy self who ate the same thing every day because I didn’t want to cook or think about what to eat. So learn from my mistakes and go make yourself something warm, nutritious, and actually different from what you ate yesterday.

**TLDR; I ate practically nothing but one meal every day for a month and now I’m dehydrated, constipated and puking every day, can’t eat anything, will probably suffer long-term consequences of destroying my gut health, and I can never look at a can of tuna again.**


This post has received a lot more attention than I thought it would, so I wanted to make a PSA for those who might read this now/in the future while googling their own symptoms.

Like most commentors said, the issue is more likely to be metal poisoning or food contamination than eating the same meal for a month.

But I personally have a history of eating the same food for far too long and getting myself sick (it was just never this extreme before), which is why I still believe that’s probably the root cause in my case. Will still see a doctor though! I’ll update afterwards.

*Update 2*

Hey guys, my parents have finally come from our hometown and they’ve brought salty bread and grapes and that carbonated drink I mentioned in another comment. I feel much better now that I’ve had some food and drink that doesn’t upset my stomach more. Still nauseous, but at elast not also hungry on top of it!

Regarding the doctor visit, only the ER works today and they’ve explained that they only really deal with near-death situations (eg. heart attacks) and I should go to the hospital to get tests done. Hospital explained the required tests would take about a month to complete and I would have to stay there for the time being. No treatment, just staying… I know it makes no sense, but that’s our post-communist public healthcare for you.

So I’ll be going to a private doctor tomorrow if this goes on. Thank you all for the comments and advice, I hope I’ll write to you tomorrow in a better state of health!

*Update 3*

A lot of people seem confused and straight up shocked at my behavior, so let me explain.

Have you ever seen a person with ADHD hyperfocus on something for 5+ hours then suddenly snap out of it and realize they’re dehydrated, starving, need to go to the bathroom, and need a moment to remember how to use their legs again?

Well that’s me every day.

At that point, I just want to eat. Anything. I’m already several hours late for lunch. But because of sensory issues and, I must admit, food fixations I take too far, I can’t just eat anything. So I eat whatever quick meal I am currently good with.

Usually my partner keeps me in check by getting me out of my trance on time so there’s actually time to cook before we get hungry.

But he’s been with family this month and I’ve allowed my ADHD symptoms to get out of hand.

So, like I said in one comment, it was either eat stupid spaghetti and tuna, or starve.

But, instead of letting myself get to that point of “starving, need food *now*” every single day, I should have implemented some habits to take control of my ADHD behaviors and to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The point of this update isn’t to justify my fuck-up. It’s just to explain that people do things for many reasons, and just because you can’t imagine one, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Stay healthy everyone.

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