TIFU By Having A Sex

Ok, so today I fucked up with my girlfriend when we were having sexy sex.

Obligatory: This actually happened 23 years ago.

Here’s the story: We’re down doing the sexy time and her cousin walks in. It’s super awkward as he’s my girlfriend’s cousin (12M) from her mums (XX?F) side and so yeah. We’ll call him T for now. Anyway T says “WTF are you doing?” (He’s 12 but has a potty mouth). MY girlfriend can only say “Unfff” and at that moment I accidentally ejaculated all over the place.

Wholesome ending: After it was all over everyone laughed about it. Her cousin still calls me cummy mcCummins to this day.

Do you think I should apologize? It was an honest mistake.

#TIFU #Sex

What do you think?

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