TIFU by jerking off to the Mr Incredible becoming uncanny meme

A little backstory here, I used to have an unhealthy habit of watching porn until 4 weeks ago. At that time, the electricity and internet went out for a couple hours due to some issues. So anyways I was pretty horny at that time and started jerking off, without internet there is no porn, I basically wanked to nothing so it took longer to finish. The next time I beat my meat, I decided that it was a good time to stop my habit of watching pornography, I opened a photo of a pile of money and started jerking off to it. I don’t know why I did this but at least I’m not watching porn. The next next time, I continued to masturbate to random images that are SFW.

So I have been masturbating to random things that isn’t a porn: Shrek, the Mona Lisa, continental drift, dank memes, and even pigeons. It started off as a joke, a challenge, but I continued doing it to this day, I find it a bit funny to do so. It was harder to finish at first but by now I can pretty much nut to anything I want.

Do you remember the Mr Incredible becoming uncanny meme? That dead meme is the first random shit that I thought of when I decided to masturbate again today. I clicked on a Mr Incredible becoming uncanny compilation video on Youtube and started wanking to it. This felt just like any other day, jerking off to random things. However, just when I climaxed, the video cuts to Mr Incredible becoming old, and guess what the first phase of that is? A FREAKING BABY. I panicked as I busted a nut to the most illegal thing in the world. My post-nut clarity hit me harder than everything. For a second I can hear the screams of my ancestors, I can hear the demons in hell waiting for me. A lingering feeling that I will never be forgiven for such action. Right now I’m questioning my life choices as I’m writing this post. So madghosts, AITA?

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