TIFU by paying for stanky snuggles

This actually did happen today!

So my husband and I just moved to a new country for my work, and he’s currently between jobs as he waits for employment permits to come through. We both like to keep track of our own money so I’ve been sending him “pocket money” every month into his account. We have a running joke about what this money is for – foot rubs, carrying the shopping bags up the stairs, killing a spider, sexy times, and other silly things.

This morning I came out of the shower and jumped back into bed for a quick cuddle with him before starting work at my desk. He is living his best house husband life and sleeping in while he has the chance! He joked that I could only have morning snuggles when I paid up this month’s pocket money. I joked back that as he was much stankier than me, fresh out of the shower, I wasn’t paying full price for the snuggles! He argued that the stank was extra and actually the snuggles were worth more due to their stankiness. Hilarity ensued.

I went to my desk and did my morning admin, and decided to transfer his cash. Trying to be cute, I put the “Reason for transfer” on the form as “Stanky snuggles”. I pressed send.

Flashing red banners appeared. “TRANSFER NOT AUTHORISED!!”. Oh bloody hell. I call the number they tell me to and have a conversation with the kind help desk lady explaining that yes, it is me who is trying to access my account.

“Can you confirm your most recent transaction for me please?” she asks.

“Yes, it was $$$ to my husband.”

“And this is the payment for…” she pauses, “…stanky snuggles?”


She definitely judged me. Husband thinks it’s even more hilarious.

TL;DR: I put “stanky snuggles” as the reason for a transaction in my online banking, then had to explain it to a customer service lady when the transfer was flagged.

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