TIFU by seeing my cousin naked

I’m using a throwaway account because I just can’t risk it. Let me make something clear first. I live in a third world country, and my family is naturally conservative. Me and my extended family lives in a 3 story house, and I’m the only male cousin. I have 6 female cousins and we’re all on good terms with each other. We’re not conservative, but we have to be a little in front of elders.

This happened more than a week ago. We were going out for dinner (me, cousins and some elders) but one cousin (let’s call her Y) didn’t go. I forgot my car keys somewhere and I was searching the whole house. I went upstairs, entered my cousin’s room and she was on the phone with someone, butt naked. For a second or two we both didn’t know what to do. My feet froze and she went into shock as well. I turned around, grabbed the door handle, closed it on the way out and ran outside. I haven’t talked to her since then. Obviously I haven’t disclosed this to anyone in the family and I don’t intend to tell anyone in the future either. But I just can’t get that sight out of my head and it’s driving me insane.

What’s crazier is that I look at her like my own sister, and my family wants us (me and Y) to get married. I’ve been giving excuses and delaying stuff ever since. Firstly because I don’t want to marry my cousin. Secondly because I know she already likes someone. Its been more than a week as I said and we haven’t talked to each other directly since. It is awkward enough for my other cousins to notice but they’re not asking questions, at least now.

I had a really good bond with Y. And I’m sad that this messed things up. It is my mistake though. I should’ve made some noise when entering their house. But in my defense, I didn’t remember that she wasn’t going.

Can anyone help?? Me and Y were close before this and she’s the only person who I could talk to freely because she’s understanding and all. She shares her secrets with me too but idk if things will be okay between us after this. Just a little context, I’m an introvert and I’m super shy. I already have trouble talking to girls.

Tldr: Accidently saw my cousin naked while she was videocalling someone and we haven’t talked since.

Edit: Ok since I can’t answer all of the comments I’ll try responding here. First of all, I’m not into her. That’s just something I can’t even imagine in my head. We grew up together ffs. Stop asking how she looked like or smth. It’s gross.

Second, it might be easy for the lot of you to directly address this issue and apologize as if nothing happened. You have to realize here that where I live, sex education is a taboo. Guys are mostly shy around girls. My cousins and I grew up in a conservative household so naturally they’re all a bit shy towards me. I’m the only guy so this makes things trickier. On top of this, I’m super awkward and I don’t have a lot of experience with girls. Even if nothing happened I would still find it difficult to initiate a conversation with a girl. Let alone apologizing for seeing them naked.

The best course of action that I can see from here is that I’ll message her an apology. I don’t want to make her awkward too. Of course, I’ll assure her that I have no business in her private life and she can trust me with this. I’ll tell her how I see her as my own sister and I hope this incident doesn’t impact our relationship negatively because we can open up to each other from time to time, acting as support for each other.

Also, I didn’t knock because I thought there’s no one there. Thank you for the advice! I’ve been feeling like a piece of shit since this happened but I honestly have no ill intentions. I just want that image to get out of my head. I think apologizing will help me move on from this. I’ll let you guys know what she says.

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