TIFU by telling my girlfriend to go goblin mode on this dick

Really messed up. I showed my gf videos of animals going goblin mode because it’s one of the best meme types. They just start running around and go nuts. We have a dom/sub relationship with me being dom. Awhile ago we were getting down and I start choking her and told her “I want you to go goblin mode on this dick”. I swear I could pinpoint the exact moment all of the moisture left her body. She asked me to stop so I did. She left the room and locked herself in the bathroom to “question her life choices” and now things are awkward. We haven’t had sex in weeks. She ignores the memes I send her. The last thing she said was the internet isn’t real life and she’s having a hard time finding me sexy anymore. I don’t know how I can recover from this.

TL;DR was fucking my gf, told her to go goblin mode on this dick. Turns out that’s the worst thing to say if you do want someone to go goblin mode on you.

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