TIFU I accidentally licked the sweat off my best friend and now he’s invited me back to his house

So me and my friend really like to go swimming and we ended up going to the sauna afterwards (we both have subscriptions to go there for free).
We started wrestling in the sauna because nobody was there but the guy tried biting me (softly) so I thought it would throw him off if I did the same but I was too far so I went for a lick for the extra range. Instead of him getting off tho he moaned and I was like df?????

After that I said it was weird and to get off and he then did. I felt pretty creeped out by the experience.

We left the swimming facility to go get some food (McDonald’s is a really nice place after a swim). Then he invited me to go over his house next week. I’m utter freaked out legit so weird…

Should I go or politely reject the offer? I’m afraid if I go he might have the wrong idea

tldr: licked my friend’s sweat and now he’s invited me out over his place but I can’t tell if it’s weird or not…

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