TIFU my girlfriend went blind after sex

TIFU my girlfriend went blind after sex

My girlfriend came over to hang out before work today and we had a bit of fun, we might have gotten a bit carried away because when we’d both finished she looked a bit dazed and confused. I asked if everything was okay, and as she was staring into the middle distance she said “I can’t see anything.”

She then told me she has a condition that causes her pupils to dilate when she’s crazy stressed or anxious and it causes her to temporarily go blind. (It’s called BEUM according to Google) apparently as we found out today, rough sex can trigger it too.

She has to drive to work in an hour and currently can only see hazy stars 😬

At least I can legitimately say I fucked someone until they couldn’t see straight!

TLDR: girlfriend went temporarily blind after having rough sex and can’t drive to work

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