TIFU wiping my badussy with spiders

TIFU by wiping my badussy with spiders

It happened today maybe like an hour ago. My spelling and grammar may be all over the place because this is so gross.

I’m staying for free at a family friends granny flat on holiday and am very grateful. The host is an elderly man with some blindness so I’ve been doing a bit of cleaning for him here and there as well as enjoying quality family time.

Most places in Australia if even slightly neglected will find a spider moving in. The bathroom in the unit I’m staying is not often used and had 4 daddy long legs when I got here. Daddy long legs are mostly harmless so I let them be.

Cue the fuck up. Changed the loo roll today and didn’t notice till after I wiped that there were black spots and a little NEST OF SPIDER EGGS ON THE TOILET ROLL.

I showered immediately and scrubbed all aspects of my badussy. I’m PETRIFIED I’m going to have a spider crawling out of my vagina oh my god spider baby!!!


Staying in an old unit, didn’t realise the toilet paper was a spider crèche and wiped with it after going to the toilet.

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