tigran petrosyan’s rant but it’s medieval talk

Art thou jesting, good sir? Pray tell, what manner of discourse doth thou speak? Thou art a most pitiful loser, I have e’er laid mine eyes upon. Thou wast in thy infancy whilst I was vanquishing players of greater skill than thine own. Thou art not a professional, for true professionals know how to lose and congratulate their opponents. Thou art as a woman, who doth weep and wail upon defeat. Be thou brave, be honest with thyself, and desist with this trash talk. All know that I am a most formidable player of the game of blitz. I can defeat any man in this world in a single match. And “w”esley “s”o is nought to me, but a player who doth cry at each loss. (Dost thou not recall what thou hast said of Firouzja?) Cease thou from playing with mine name, for I deserve to have a good reputation throughout mine chess career. I do officially invite thee to an OTB blitz match with a prize fund. Both of us shall invest five thousand dollars, and the victor shall take all. I suggest all others who are interested in this situation take a look at mine results in the Blitz World championships of the years 2016 and 2017, for that should be sufficient. There is no need to listen to every whimpering babe. I, Tigran Petrosyan, doth always play fair. And if any continue to speak of me officially in such a manner, we shall meet in court. God bless with truth. Truth shall ne’er die, liars shall be cast out.

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