TJ the Dragon

I don’t think I’m from this planet. Honestly, I’m an anomaly, even in the neurodiverse community.

My dog Roamin is my best friend. He’s the best person I know.
(Always adopt. Never use a breeder. I didn’t cut his ears like that.)

Italian, Irish, Cherokee and apparently a few other things….
Demisexual. Sapiosexual. Relationship anarchist.
Connect with others based on the content of their character, not the contents of their underwear.
Genuinely happy to be just friends.
Wizard in training.

Van/RV life!
6’4″ 180
Diagnosed ASD, ADHD, celiac. Savant like test scores.
Empathy. I see the world with my heart and my third eye.
Plant medicines for the win.
Mind over matter.
Consciousness is key.
Life long activist and advocate.
I don’t fit in with humans who simply want to flip power hierarchies upside down to benefit their social identity. It’s more common than most people realize.
I don’t like the earth much of the time because of the ego of the human primates, the lack of consciousness, and the blind participation in the social hierarchy. If you get that statement we might get along. If you are still reading this you are someone like me and are actually interested in what others experience. Please say hi! I won’t bite unless you ask nicely

May the Force be with you.


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