To My on and only love GothEgg. She is a true Goddess

Gothegg has all ways fascinated me. From her big bussum and her phat ass. I would love for her to sound me and push my face into her stinky feet. That would be sooo funny and random teh lols xD. When Gothegg makes a ASMR Role Play video i can tell she’s talking to me specially. Her word and Beauty are like of Aphrodite. Im really hard typing this out as we speak. I havent masturbated in 18 days in anticipation to her next upload. I need my goddess she’s always on my mind i would also liked if she were to vore me as her fursona. Everyday my lust grows bigger. I CRAVE GOTHEGG. I miss seeing her moan and squirm as she uses her “wand” to pleasure herself . Seeing her vaginal juices and her legs spread. I can smell her aroma. I want to touch myself so badly right now I’m so fucking hard i want to smell her feet. she’s the only woman i want to bear my seed i wanna make her pregnant and fuck her and rub her big belly in oil. I want to forehead dent the baby with my hog. My spunk will cover her like the night sky. I wanna finish on her big prego belly and rub it in like a fine lotion. This is my greatest fantasy and i hope my love Gothegg will see this.

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