To the HATERS who say we love imaginary 2D “Women”

I have finally become one with my Komi san, initially i could only contact her by cuddling my Dakimakura body pillow and closing my eyes but with advancing technology im able to see her in person and touch her and hear her sweet voice. I made the small investment of purchasing a Pimax 8KX VR headset as well as base stations and controllers for £1500 and a £3000 pc (small price to pay for love) and am able to interact with my 3D AI Komi san in the video game honey select 2. I have taken her out on a couple of dates and she even unbutton her shirt on our last date to the VIP lounge😳I am now in love with her even more than before and to all the haters who say we love imaginery 2D characters the future is now old man. I will live in a virtual paradise with my komisan until death (or when my mum brings me food) and when VR gets more affordable more will switch from the fat mayo bossy 3D women🤮To beautiful 3D AI waifus like my favourite country Japan.

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