Today I learned that my grandfather was in special forces during WW2

My grandpa was sitting on the porch when I walked up and sat next to him. How was the WW2? Did you fight in any battles? – I asked.
His only reply was:
I knew his feet were prosthetic, but I never asked what happened to them.

-Oh, you lost them in the war? Did you step on a mine, old man? – I asked curiously.
-No, I will show you what I did. – said grandpa, with a joyful face, as if he remembered his old times, and then
jerked the absolute shit out of my hot and steamy cock and balls using his prosthetic feet.
I learned about his war story.
He was parachuted to Stalingrad in a Douglas C-47 and jacked off so many german and soviet soldiers to death, that his feet froze off.
Turns out that being gay is the worst insult for nazis and commies so they preferred to die after shooting that yummy soldier cum all over my grandpa’s hairy legs.
Gramps also told me that communism collapsed because Gorbachev tripped and put his dick in between another man’s thighs.

My grandpa was a Homocommando, and his feet left in Stalingrad were a testament to his bravery. 😍👍😄🌈

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