Today I left my Christian boyfriend. Thank you r/atheism for giving me the strength to do so.

Yesterday I made a post asking people whether or not I should leave my Christian boyfriend, in spite of everything else being fine, due to his anti-choice views. I expected to only get a handful of replies, but much to my surprise there were over 700 responses. I read them all, and couldn’t be any more grateful for all of your thoughts.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had a few people message me about what I decided to do, and the answer is that I was honestly on the fence, but after reading all of your wise words, I realise that leaving is the only option, and so as tough as it was, as of today my life is now Christian free.

I know I am just some random woman on the Internet, and most of you probably don’t care, but I just wanted to thank you all for giving me the strength to make this decision. I’m now looking forward to open up a fresh chapter of life where I am now free to find a man who would respect me: an atheist man.

Thank you all!

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