Top 10 reasons why Jared Leto’s Joker is the best Joker.

Number 10: He has committed crimes in real life, probably.

Number 9: He has the most realistic laugh.

Number 8: He is a very good actor and has starred in many movies.

Number 7: His body language is incredible (for example, the big damaged tattoo on his forehead. Otherwise we would not know he was damaged.)

Number 6: He has golden teeth so he has a better bite.

Number 5: He has very defined muscles when shirtless.

Number 4: He has green hair sometimes.

Number 3: He kills people.

Number 2: He’s a good method actor (He sent his co-stars dead mice and a pig head like the joker would.)

Number 1: Jared Leto is a real life supervillain.

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