Top 6 Ponies who’s ass stink the best. #1🏆 Applejack.

A hard everyday worker using her powerful legs to kick trees and herd farm animals under the hot sun, Applejack’s ass producess a strong, pungent, eye-watering stench that no other pony can offer. Those meaty, firm buttocks are never apart, not even for a second, to let her orange ponut breath, she doesn’t know what it feels to have a breeze go across her them. This makes her asshole to always be in it’s peak level of muskyness and smell to permanently soak her ass with a naughty aroma. Shes aware of this and being a farm girl that takes pride in her work and doesn’t care if you’re bothered by it, the stink is all the hard work emanating from between her asscheeks, a waterslide of sweat-drops falling into your face moments before she effortlessly slides your face between them. You feel nothing, but the weight of her butt pushing you down, the contour of her puffy anus slide, repeatedly, from your brow all the way to the chin drenching every pore of your skin, tainting every nostril hair, erasing any thought and memory of any desire you’ve ever had, forever impregnating the smell onto your nose to remind you how lucky you are. I would cum the second she sat on my face.

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  1. Employees use their big feet to kick the wood and grow pets in the herd of animals under the hot sun. Applejack is made by magazines, styles and solid suitcases. This is not the moment when orange loses what you feel. It makes the musk level and the smell of a permanent variety for any reason. She knew that the female farm was proud of her work and was concerned about concerns and had provoked all the places of their hearts. You have heard nothing. But its weight loss, the swollen swollen is generally in front of the chin and pulls the skin to create thoughts and memories of each desire. As you are happy, I was another attack on my face.

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