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Hello. It’s Tord from Eddsworld. In this video, I’ll explain why I left Eddsworld and for what reasons I did. But first, I would address the recent events.

I read comments saying ‘Oh, Tord is a bastard for not being there, Tord should have been there, Tord should go to his funeral’, all that.

Quite frankly, I didn’t know anything about Edd’s situation since I’m not in contact with either Tom or Matt, Edd was my only source of information so I only knew what he told me, and the last time I spoke properly to him was I think February, so yeah, I haven’t been updated at all. But I would have been there if I knew what was going on. I wanted to visit Edd, we talked about visiting but he always told me he wanted to be out of hospital and be fit for fight if I was to visit him because Edd didn’t want us to spend all the time in the hospital, which is fair but, I wish I had went to visit him because now it’s too late.

Edd and I started talking back in 2004 so, he was a great friend for 7 years which is a long time. Specially considering it’s an online friendship and I think the first time I met him was in 2006 when I visited London with my parents so we met at Trafalgar Square and went around London, and that was right after he had gone on his first chemo so, he was in pretty bad shape, and seeing him progress from there getting better and better it was good, but it’s a shame what happened. I’m truly sorry for his family and his friends and I wish I could have been there.

Now, over to the points: why I left Eddsworld and what my reasons were, and I want to address one thing first and that is, whatever you see on YouTube channels, Facebook pages, it is not me. Pages saying ‘Oh this is Tord from Eddsworld, oh this is why I left’, whatever. All those are frauds, I have never made a page about myself or anything regarding Eddsworld. I’m always anonymous when I’m online, I don’t bring up my name or anything because that’s exactly my point, cause’ people will go ‘Oh! it’s Tord from Eddsworld, Shit!’ and that is what I wanted to avoid, one of my main reasons for leaving Eddsworld. People say I left Eddsworld to pursue my own artistic career, and that it’s true because I don’t want to leech of Edd’s success and have all its fans come over to me and just look at me for being a part of Eddsworld, I want to build my own name, which I have done to some degree and it’s not bad, trust me.

People also say I left because Tom and I didn’t get along, that it’s not true because I haven’t spoke into Tom since 2006 or something, maybe before that I don’t know; I remember Edd saying something when he was having technical problems and Tom and I was left to speak with each other rather than having Edd to speak with. And it’s true, we found out we weren’t really fond of each other, but Tom didn’t like that I made fun of him for his religious views, and that is all right, Tom if you’re watching this I want to apologize, it wasn’t really nice of me, I’ll [learned/own?] that. Tom also broke contact with me when I made a comic about him and that was the nail in the coffin. I think Tom was also a bit disappointed that he wasn’t on *The Dudette Next Door*, I remember he was really upset about that, but that was a group project between me and Edd; Edd animated one scene, I animated the next, he would animate the next and so on. So Tom didn’t had anything to do with it, so, I don’t know, neither me nor Edd saw that it was necessary to have him in there; and that was before Matt was part of the team so, he wasn’t there either.

Some people also say I left Eddsworld to go to school and, it’s true I go to school, but my time in Eddsworld never had anything to do with my school work, it didn’t interfere on any matter or anything, so that it’s not true that I left Eddsworld because of school. And some people say I moved to America, that it’s not true, I’ve always lived in Norway and, yeah I would met Edd like four times maybe so, for people holding grudges against me for not staying with him until the end, sorry, I haven’t been able to; I wish I could but I’m a broke student so, there you go.

Tom said something about why I have to exclude the whole Tord character from the show, and that it’s because I felt the character was too personal, he basically bears my name, my full name, so I don’t think it’s appropriate to have like, this character giving out my name and everyone thinks ‘Oh, that it’s Tord from Eddsworld’. I also like to address that we need to be able to tell the difference between the character and me, because I’m the voice actor and the character is just some parody of me it’s not like, people think ‘I’m a communist, I’m a gun fanatic, I’m addicted to hentai’; communist, no, my political views do not suit the communistic views, and I don’t own a single gun, never mind fire one. When we made the character I was like 14 and you know how 14 years old are, like now when playing Call of Duty and they think they’re weapons expert and, that’s what I thought except, back then it was Time Splitters 2 I think. Regarding the hentai, I’m not a fanatic, I don’t love hentai, I’m not addicted to it, it’s fun to draw I guess, I draw some hentai, but that’s because I’m bored; and if it is to get views, that’s a really cheap way to get traffic on your pages, to just draw some boobs and…[the last seven words I can’t make it out, something about women in some clothing I believe]

I don’t know what more to say; before I end it, I want to once again tell Edd’s family, his friends, I’m truly sorry for what is happen, and I wish I could’ve supported you, but as I explained I haven’t been able to because I didn’t know what was going on, I didn’t know what had happened before the YouTube video was posted and, yeah, like I said before Tom or Matt, I don’t know, them, I didn’t get any text or anything.

So, to Edd

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