Toy Freddy from Fnaf 2 is hot

I know how this sounds and obviously makes me a furry. But I do not give a shit anymore. Toy Freddy is a hot piece of bear ass. He is the hottest piece of ass in general. Everytime I play fnaf 2 or even look at him I struggle to resist the urge to whip out my cock and masturbate to him. He’s just so fucking sexy with big belly. There’s no point in me keeping this a secret anymore. I love fat men. I love seeing them get fatter. Toy Freddy especially. Recently I started having dreams where Toy Freddy is very tightly tied up as I force feed him pizza and his plump belly gets bigger while he tries to scream for help. He struggles but can never break free. I always wake up covered in sweat and with a pitched tent. I now have these dreams every night. Toy Freddy is just too fucking hot.

I tried seeking help by going to therapy but nothing works. I think this is a sign. Toy Freddy and I are meant to be. I need to find him. I need him.

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