Trolley Dilemma

Ah, I see you’ve posted another of these Trolley Dilemma “variations.” Little do you know that this ignores the philosophical question at hand. I’m sure you’re probably lost as to what I’m talking about, so allow me to elaborate. The Trolley Dilemma, as it’s become known, is a question of whether or not it is morally sound to save more people by diverting the trolley to a track with less people, thereby dooming a single person to death who was not originally going to die and making you a murderer. In other words, is it morally sound to change the course of history and sacrifice one individual against their will, all for the sake of multiple others? Is a utilitarian approach to saving lives okay if it means you must do something immoral to achieve it? I’m just going to get to my point now. I hate these fucking memes. They are an insult to the philosophical nuance of questions like these, and I’m sure many have either forgotten or never bothered to learn their true meaning. It isn’t “funny” or “cute,” it’s a loogie spat in the face of intellectualism.

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