Twas the beginning of Hoevember

Twas the beginning 💆‍♀️of Hoevember🍂 Spanksgiving🍁day🌞

And all🌎the Spanksgiving🤗hoes👯‍♀️ were out👀to play😈

Mr. Turkey 🦃👨🏻 Mr. Turkey 🤩🦃 Nice and Fat 🐷 Nice and THICC🍑😳

Give👹me stuffing😤 Give me🐽stuffing🤰 Give me DICK😈 Give me DICK👁👅👁

But poor😥Mr. Turkey🦃 could not🙅🏻‍♂️give his seed🌾💦 For it was “No🙈🥜nut🥜🙈November🍁”

To get cumpkin🎃pie🤤 They’d👉have to wait😳 till🍆Dickcember❄️☃️❄️

Mr. Turkey🦃please😖 All the little👧hoes cried😫

If you can’t👎give your seed🌾💦And🧘‍♀️gobble🦃my ass🍑👅😈”

Send📬this to 🔟 hoes💁‍♀️by 🍂Spanksgiving’s🍁 end And the🥩getting eaten👄🍴 Might🧘‍♀️be your rear🍑👅end🤩

#Twas #beginning #Hoevember

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  1. Two startups 💆hus hovelembolmbresgiving🍁🍁🍁

    And all spanking changes

    G. Turkey 🦃👨🏻 G. Turkey 🤩🦃 Good and fat 🐷 Well and Thicc🍑😳

    Give me 👹Tuffing

    But it’s uncomfortable, Turkey. 🦃 I did not see their bones because it is “Nut🥜nut🥜”

    Get cumkin🎃pie🤤🤤

    Sir. Turkey🦃laza😖litlitig😫

    If you can’t block your bones

    Post-toe 🔟hoes💁cast end and eat Floor)

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