Two weeks ago I fucked my daughter’s friend, genuinely feeling anxious every day

My daughter has a very pretty 21 year old friend. Before all of this happened, I remember thinking to myself ”if I was younger, I’d totally date her. She’s my type. Blonde, tall, cute face, kind etc.”

she’s always been very nice to me, but suddenly she actually started teasing me. She started calling me daddy over text, she said ”your daughter is so lucky, I wish you were my daddy”, she texted me at night to ask me a question (it was an excuse, of course) , I replied to the question, but she kept the conversation going, she said ”I’m in bed right now but can’t sleep… honestly I’d totally want a hug”

to keep it short, I couldn’t keep it in my pants.

I’m really not a horny dude drooling over young girls, my daughter has 7-8 close friends I see regularly, she’s the only one I find pretty, because she really is pretty, and I simply couldn’t resist. I’m divorced, I started seeing someone else two months ago, but I wouldn’t call that cheating since we aren’t clearly a couple yet.

I’m just anxious because I wouldn’t want my daughter to find out, yesterday she suddenly said ”we need to talk” and it scared the hell out of me. Basically every time I see her I’m like ”I hope she hasn’t found out, I hope she hasn’t found out, I hope she hasn’t found out.”

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