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Throwaway since I know bitter people will downvote this to hell for speaking the truth.

So I noticed that a lot of you were feeling a little cocky because UCLA has a lower acceptance rate than Berkeley and has higher admissions standards for GPA or whatever. But the truth is that Berkeley is still the elite flagship school of California and the preferred choice for the brightest students in the state. You guys should really calm down because when you look at the facts Berkeley is better than pretty much all UCs, and this is backed up by more than a few national surveys that put Berkeley up there with Yale, Harvard and Stanford, MIT and Oxford. While UCLA is still small time and a party school for lower achievers who couldn’t get into USC.

So don’t get too cocky because we’re still the best and honestly it’s sad to see you guys think you’re actually as good as Berkeley.

If you want to talk facts, Berkeley is pretty much better than UCLA, UCSD, UCSB and UCI combined at this point but you guys still feel the need to take shots at us, which I think is indicative of your jealousy. Meanwhile Berkeley students couldn’t even care less about UCLA or even think about it.

Just a reminder not to let your ego get the best of you. Because an out of control ego can and will make you look bad in the real world when you graduate. Just some advice. Envy is not a good thing, folks.

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