Ukraine War Explained Reeeee

No, western ukrianians, funded by the west, did a coup against a democratically elected president that preferred a more numerous Russian trade deal to a worse EU trade deal.

As a result of the coup, the voters of the president, in the South and East, started to protest the coup. Right wing ultranationalists started murdering them, leading to the burning alive of 40 people in Odessa.

As a result of the massacre of Odessa, Donetsk and Luhansk declared independence, since the government didn’t protect the ethnic Russians from ukrianian nazis.

Then, Ukriane started attacking this independentists with their military and the neonazi paramilitaries. That led from public unrest, to war.

Since then, Ukriane has been bombing the same ukrianians they want to protect form russia, 8 years of murders that will stop this year, hopefully.

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