Unfortunately I just f*cked a mr.clean magic eraser

So I opened a box of magic erasers and I noticed they held water pretty decently and felt kinda nice. so I had the brilliant idea of cutting a hole in it putting warm water on it and then putting my meat in there. it didn’t end up well, first I couldn’t fit it in so I made the hole bigger and It was really close to the edge and I still couldn’t get the tip past without ripping the sponge in half so I grabbed lotion and tried to slide in more, but the fucking sponge kept absorbing the lotion so I was getting nowhere, I look into the hole to see how the fuck it absorbed the lotion that quick and see some red and I realized I was bleeding but I keep going because I wanted to see if it would eventually work but I had to stop because I was bleeding so bad and my tip was red and stinging..

#fcked #mrclean #magic #eraser

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