Urban dictionary’s definition for “cum sock”

**cum sock**: your secret cum sock that you hide in under your bed. If your mother finds this she will send you to military school. Your stepsister wears this sock on her gear during sex and empties her snot on it. This sock has a very special place in your heart and if you lose it then you are going to cut off your pp. If you cut off your pp then your step sister will no longer like you and call you a dickless pussy. This makes you sad so you suck your best friends pp and it tastes like your cum sock and now you are sad. This is really just a plot of the government and they filmed you having anal sex with you cousin and they put it on PornHub. Now you are a famous porn star and the government gets 69% of your income without you knowing. You become homeless and start sucking more pp on the streets. You make your way up in the ranks of street pp sucking and now you become the lord of pps. Since you are the lord of pps you go back on to pornhub and you become instantly famous but the Soviet Union was making fake porn videos And were making more money then you were and so u started crying and grew your pp back. Then your step sister came back and you made Russian pornos with the sock on your step sisters head once again and you are reunited with your true found Alabama love.

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