Waifus are better companions than real life women.

A Waifu will never say no to you. She will never cheat on you, she will always love you, no matter how you look, how much money you have, your social life, hygiene problems etc… And what does a Waifu want in return for this pure, uninterested, love? Loyalty? Devotion? No. Nothing. In fact? She won’t care if you have more Waifus. She will still love you. No matter what. Real life women can’t even come close to the faultless perfection of a Waifu. It’s not even a fair comparison: one is a mundane mortal human, meanwhile the other is the idiolized version of what EVERY man wants: a loving, loyal, smokingly-hot, girlfriend. You may argue that a Waifu can’t physically satisfy you, but talking from experience I can confirm sex is very overrated, self – pleasure is way better. After all, no one knows your body and what you like better than you. And of top of that, you have a gigantic variety of Waifus to choose from, meanwhile women dress all the same with little to cero originality.

TL;DR: Having in consideration the pros and cons, a Waifu outclasses a real life woman in literally everything.

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