Wait, you haven’t heard of the glorious Russian victory in Ukraine?

Stupid Westoid, you just didn’t hear about it because George Soros and the Jewish Institution for Zionist Zombies (JIZZ) control 98% of western media, even Fox News. The ones that speak up are defamed and thrown into the public unconscious, you only need to look at Alex Jones to see that I’m right. The only person left that’s willing to fight against these moon men is the glorious, handsome, and sexy Vladimir Putin. The “civilians” he’s “killing” are actually Zionist sleeper agents ready to wake up at any moment, killing them is the only option because the microchips (built by Bill Gates) that control them are implanted deep into their brain. We shouldn’t even be calling them civilians, or even people. Due to the previously mentioned microchip they are just puppets controlled by the fascist Elon Musk, so killing them is merciful.

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