Walter White’s speech about plane crash

I guess what I… would wanna say is… to… look on the bright side. First of all, nobody on the ground was killed, and that- I mean an incident like this over a populated urban center, that right there, that’s- that’s just gotta be some minor miracle, so… Plus, neither plane was full, y’know the- the Seven-Thirty-Seven was… was what? agh- Maybe two thirds full I believe? Right? Yes. Maybe even three quarters full; On any rate… what you’re left with, casualty-wise is… just the fiftieth worst air disaster, actually tied for fiftieth, there are, in truth, fifty-three crashes throughout history that are just as bad or worse. Tenerife? H-h-has anybody maybe even hear of Tenerife? No? In 1977, two fully loaded Seven-Forty-Sevens crashed into each other on Tenerife, we’re- Does anybody know how big a Seven-Forty-Seven is?! I mean it’s WAY bigger than a Seven-Thirty-Seven, and we’re talking about two of them. Nearly six-hundred people died- In Tenerife, but do any of you even remember it? At all? Any of you? I doubt it. You know why? It’s because- People. Move. On… They just move on, and we will too, we will move on, and we will get past this, because that is what human beings do, we- survive… and-agh… and we survive and, and and, we-we overcome, yeah. We survive, we survive and…. Yeah.

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