was slavery THAT bad?

“was slavery that bad? sjws all think slavery was ALL bad! but how can it be all bad if it positively effected the economy? i didn’t even WANT to do this but the sjws keep calling me racist so i HAD to make sure to educate them on history! personally, i think that racism is really bad, but these sjws keep calling me racist! i’m not racist, but these sjws keep calling me racist! slavery effected the economy positively and made sure many people were put out of poverty, does the left see that as a bad thing. Once again sjws reveal their true nature as sexist, classist pigs. They continue to deny the fact that slavery wasn’t as bad as they think. I think that slavery was nowhere near as bad as our modern world, with all these twitter sjws. Blue haired whales keep calling me sexist for this, but this can’t be true because i love women (like most NORMAL men). The twitter hivemind keeps radicalising the impressionable youth over to the radical left. You know today my younger brother said that healthcare should be a HUMAN-RIGHT! WHAT THE beep sound effect. How is slavery as bad as what the left is doing today?? They are ruining our god loving country! Us Americans have survived through the horrid act of slavery, so we can survive through the worse act of twitter! remember to vote in the 2016 elections!”

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