Watched my crush getting fucked right in front of me, but more clown gay

I was at a party and everyone was getting drunk and it was so loud, so I decided to go to the bathroom for a while to rest. I heard my Crush’s voice from a room and I opened it and saw him riding on one of my band friends and both of them were fully naked and he was moaning very loudly. Two male dicks where touching each other. I wanted a dick in my thick small bussy. His dick. I couldnt control myself so I touched my balls at that moment. I immediately closed and ran away to the bathroom and cried there for 10 minutes until I decided to run out of there and back to my home. So I masturbated to the sound of Richard Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde Prelude thinking of my crush big fucking penis inside my tight bussy.

I loved him for 5 years and we were the bestest of friends so I got devastated and I didn’t show up to band practice for a few weeks because I felt so betrayed. Then I got a snapchat from the person who my crush had sex with, it was a video of him fucking his brains out with the caption “Show up bitchboy ahahahahah”.Their balls where touching and my crush had the biggest throbbing erection that I have ever seen. Both where using clown makeup and i started to think about dicks and clowns. The clown dick is white and makes a funny noise when it cames. I like big fucking clown dick. He was my friend and HE KNEW I had a crush on him. I feel so fucking depressed right now I want to fucking kill myself FUCK LIFE FUCK BOTH OF THEM. So again I mastubated.

Edit: Comments asking me why I didn’t confess, it’s because I was really shy and I’m just ugly. I also calculated for him to wait for 10 years at least, because im a gay Mormon and I’m virgin as shit, until we could get married after college, he only had a handful of male friends that could touch his little gay clown dick

Edit 2: I hate to admit but I masturbated multiple times to the video my friend sent to me because that’s the only time I will see my crush naked. It doesn’t work, it just makes me even more depressed afterwards. Thanks for the supportive comments guys, they mean a lot.

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