Went to school dressed as Amongus character (found on madghosts)

This story takes place during my senior year of high school. I always embarrassed myself out of trying to impress my crush and make others laugh. I got suspended a few times for quite unthoughtful acts. I once took my shirt off in class and started posing in front of my teacher, she wasn’t pleased. I still cringe about my past actions, however there is one I will never forget.
Two years ago there was a new hit game that had released on iPhone. It was called “Among Us”. Basically the goal is to do tasks and to win and there is one player who is the “imposter”. My fellow classmates always played it in PE. They would gather groups of 10+ people to play. I never joined but I would always hear them scream “sus!” and “you sussy baka!”, inferring that someone is not who they seem.
My friend at the time, let’s call him Brittan was a very big Among Us fan. He watched among us tutorials throughout our trigonometry class. Him and a few other friends came up with the phrase “cappy baka” meaning that someone is lying. My teacher once claimed we had an exam over the computer on a saturday, my friend Patrick yells out, “you capster!”, he got suspended. Among us was the new wave of our school. Red sus custom shirts on every hall. It was intense.
Weeks later, homecoming was among us….pun intended. I was thinking of what to kick off my senior year of homecoming with. “Perfect!”, I said to myself as an idea struck my mind. I was to dress up as a full on among us character. Why? Because I thought it would be funny.
I gathered materials from hobby lobby and go into my basement to where I keep my tools. My mom helped me create the best among us costume you could ever imagine. And yes, it was red. I was extremely anxious walking into school dressed up as a sus imposter. I walk into trigonometry and everyone flips. Even my teacher cracked a laugh. It was all good until it wasn’t.
There was an autistic kid in my class who shall be called Josh. He was tall, the size of a twig, and he had red hair and glasses. Every time I walked into class he had starwars headphones on and was listening to NCS dubstep music. He was a very big among us kid. Me and my friends would always set timers before we walked into class to see how long it would be until he screamed, “Sus!”.
He always quoted “number 15 burger king foot lettuce”, whatever that means. He even could play the among us soundtrack with his mouth. Josh came up with the phrase, “sheeshy baka”. He could say the emergency meeting noise perfectly with his voice. Anyways, almost 5 minutes after i walked into class I had to get up and sharpen my pencil. As I squirm to get up due to my extremely large costume, I walk to the pencil sharpener. I sharpen my pencil and once I turn around, I see Josh burst out of his desk at full speed. He runs directly at me, I thought he was going to tackle me.
Suddenly he stops, 5 inches from my face. He smiles and looks at me for what felt like hours as the class watched silently. Before I could get a word out, he yanks off my among us helmet and french kisses me, tongue and everything. Pinned against the corner, I fall to my knees in embarrassment. I begin to cry as he runs out of the class. The teacher called the front office for assistance. I was sobbing while the principal helps me up. The entire class was watching and yes, laughing. I heard the words “ sussy baka” over and over. Even worse, my crush clara was crying from laughter. I got sent home and got into my bed with my costume still on.
It has been years after the incident. I ended up moving schools due to bullying. I was so traumatized I landed myself into the mental institution 3 hours from my house. It took a while to recover, however I am back on my feet. Deep down though, I will never be the same…

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