What did you say about my mother?

What did you say about my mother? Did you seriously think that was a competent thing to write?

Not only do you know nothing about my mother or the sacrifices she made for me, your utter privilege and arrogance have been exposed for all who read this.

I’m usually a pretty civil person that believes in acting with decorum on the internet because I’m a human being that cares about my fellow denizens, so you should understand that where this comes from is purely me and that I would say this directly to you: Not only are you ignorant, you are a judgemental piece of shit that operates on pure selfishness with a complete lack of empathy and intelligence, functionally rendering you less than human. The only solace to your ignomious existence is that it will end one day, like all living beings, and the absolute shit stain you are will no longer be able to infect those around you with your incompetence. Your are the problem, in every capacity. Your narrow-minded, ignorant ideology should not be exposed to anyone, ever.

Of course this will mean nothing to you and only serve to further entrench you within your idiotic existence. At least, and this is an absolute fact, I’m smarter than you and on the right side of history, humanity. You’ll think otherwise of course, but sufferers of the Dunning-Kruger effect don’t know any differently.


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  1. /u/The_Inedible_Hluk, I have found an error in your post:

    > “~~Your~~ [**You**] are the problem”

    I suggest that The_Inedible_Hluk write “~~Your~~ [**You**] are the problem” instead. ‘Your’ is a possessive determiner; ‘you’ is a pronoun.

    ^(This is an automated bot. I do not intend to shame your mistakes. If you think the errors which I found are incorrect, please contact me through DMs!)

  2. What are you talking about?

    What did you say when you wanted to write?

    Not only do you know our mother, but she knows she does not love us, but she is enthusiastic and can make me proud.

    He is patriotic and often uses tactics to access the internet. He cares about our nation and we know where he came from. I’ll show you soon. Tag: Not only do you know your faults, but your lack of love and attention can hurt your character. The good thing about your bad nature and other creatures is that when they disappear, the land you get will not cover the people around you, and sin is there. This is a real problem. You’re sorry, I do not know, you do not care.

    No, it will not hurt you, but will only make your mind worse. However, I did not pass without an explanation. You do not agree, but people who saw Danning’s product – Krueger did not know.

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