What do ants do with your nail clippings?

They’ll construct a skinsuit from your DNA. When it is finished the colony will fill the suit and slowly shuffle to your door.

You will answer the door and be greeted by your doppelganger. It will look just as you look, except, you will see strange twitching and squirming under the skin as the colony shifts and moves. And the eyes will sometimes betray them as the Queen peers through the pupil.

After they kill and dispose of you they will take over your life completely. They will go to university and major in physics. Soon they will be hired by the nuclear industry and then as a consultant in armaments manufacture. One night they will construct an excuse to stay late in the lab. They will pour out of their suit via the mouth and leave the skinsuit draped over the lab chair like a discarded costume. Together they will crawl via the ventilation duct to the top secret cryptology lab, where the codes are kept. They quickly overpower the guard by crawling over his head en masse, suffocating him. Then they crawl to the bench and take the codes from the one time pad.

Returning to their corporeal simulacrum of you, they fill the body again – it twitches and squirms as they jerk the form upright. It shuffles to the test launch panel, laughing haltingly, like a wheezing bellows.

The era of the ant has come.

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