what I would do if someone named charlie bit me

1. I would enact revenge. 30 years down the line Charlie would have a wife and 3 kids. Life would be good. He would be at peace, but I would remember. I would track him down to his home with a knife, gas, and a lighter. I would park nearby and prepare my assault. I would break onto his bedreom when everyone is asleep and kill his wife first. Then his children would go, and then I would set his alarm for 5 minutes from Now and leave. He would wake to his murdered family, and call 911. By then I would have burned the sation along with telephone poles down. Unable to get help, I would aproach his house, and utter 3 words, “you bit me”. After, I wo the fistartersreuld vanish into the darkness and grab the gas. I would flood the outside of his house. Then, from my car set his home ablaze. The neighboors would be n (edited)
2. The news would never cover it for by the time they learn about it I would have them all at gunpoint and if they utter a word about it I shoot
Soon I would hunt Charlie’s family down, and kill them all 1 by one. Soon I would find the mayor of the town and blind h and usurp the town. Afterwords, having begun a political career I would either send the FBI to anyone who discovers my crime or bribe them to shut up. Soon I would start a fake report that the place was destroyed by terrorists and revamp ASAP, on top of Charlie’s body.
4. When that was done, having shifted the blame the American populist would be prepared for war and not think twice, mainly the stupid people. When the presidental campaign happens I would run and claim revenge for what happened to Charlie, and soon enact on that was. Having killed thousands in the middle east we would return home and I would rule until death due to my popularity. I would make it so I could rule forever, making the USA a dictatorship.
5. Then, I would make free healthcare along with basis rights, making food and water free. When people realize what I am doing many would claim I am communist, and thus I lose popularity, and people would hate me. When this happens, I reveal that I killed Charlie because he supported the terrorists but they burned the city and the news for revenge. In order to regain more support, I would fabricate a story of others in the white house wanting the free rights and not me. I would incite a riot to kill them all and finnaly gain all political power, and then claim the judicial branch is socialist, and thus have them put out of power. For their crimes I would take their sight, blinding them but let them keep living. With all of the power, I could do whatever I want, with the populace weaponized. (edited)
It wouldn’t end there though. I could then end corruption, supporting people who would want more just governments, such as in Poland and Bulgaria, but do it world wide. I would keep myself ruling as them all. When it is over, and the world is united, and I the only government official, I would destroy it all. No state, a weakened currency only used for entertainment. Work labor would be valued. No war, no capital, no classes. Everyone equal, no lawns or mcmansions in the country side.

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