What’s up with celebrity worship?

Celebrity worship like this is so strange to me. I’ll never understand it.

Edit: Apparently I angered Madghosts. I take it all back, guys. There are no heroes in this life except for athletes, actors and actresses. Everyone else is garbage, and I should be ashamed for going against the grain on this one. The top 1% of our society should only be reserved for people who can toss a ball better than others or entertain us on the big screen, and American culture is totally normal in how we put these people on a pedestal, moreso than any intellectual or doctor, unless you’re a celebrity doctor or, like, Bill Nye or something. Everything is fine here. I’m also a horrible person for pointing out that I see heroes at a homeless shelter who deserve more praise than any mega-rich celebrity, but as some astute Madghostsors have noted, that was really just about me, and me unconsciously wanting recognition for myself, badly in fact, because that’s just the type of person that I am, which has surprised EVEN me. Just a massive piece of literal shit with some depraved, twisted desire to be the Lebron James of homeless services, the first and only millionaire social worker. I thought I deserved it, but as Madghosts has shown me, I do not. How dare I covet wealth; again, that is reserved exclusively for celebrities, because as we all know The Rock in particular only tries to be in every movie ever made for the last decade because he just loves hard work, and the money is meaningless to him. Thank you, Madghosts, for teaching me how to be a better, more selfless person. It’s an honor to learn from the best. People love a happy ending as much as they love celebrities, so, there it is. We all learned something today. Long live Cardi B. Billie Eilish inspires me every day.

I will now walk away from this post, head bent low in submission, to the tune of Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi.’

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