When I use the yellow nozzle, I can hear the words “Im gay” repeatedly.

[this is a 100% dead serious post]

So today when I was playing the game I was cleaning the subway station and I was using the yellow nozzle. While I was on the tracks as I was using it I could hear it saying “I’m gay” in a rhythmic tone. Like bum bum I’m gay, bum bum I’m gay, bum bum I’m gay. It’s kinda faint but if your using the nozzle for awhile you kinda pick up on it.

Please check and see for yourself, that’s what it definitely sounds like. Almost as if it’s a dirty joke the game devs put in. Once again I am 100% serious!! I can hear it, please please go and see for yourself.

Credit : u/GeoguessrProphet in r/PowerWashSimulator

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