When I’m home alone, I pretend I’m a goblin.

I live with my parents. They rarely go out, so the chances of me being home alone is rare.

As soon as they leave, I look through the peep hole, and wait for their car to drive off. I will typically watch TV for an hour, then do some of my school work. I have a younger brother that is 4 years old, so I put a blindfold him and put him in his bed. When my schoolwork is done, I walk to my room with to get my garbage bag that I had for years. I usually let out a sinister goblin-like laugh as I enter my room. Soon as I grab the bag, I put it over my shoulders. I then tip toe to my parents room, as I have a large, evil smile on my face. I try to make as minimal noise as possible, but sometimes I can’t help but to make a loud grunting noise. My parents love to collect different types of jewelry, especially gold. As I tiptoe around the room, I stuff their gold belongings into my bag. After I’m done collecting all of my gold, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Now, the quest becomes tricky. I could either put back their belongings and be safe, or I could lick all of the gold pieces to mark my territory, and then put them back. I usually pick the first execution, but I sometimes also follow up with the second execution. After the quest is complete, I get post-quest clarity. I feel very sick, disappointed, and sad. It feels like I snap back into reality. The sadness usually lasts until I fall asleep, then I wake up refreshed. Then the urge comes back. It’s an endless cycle, and to be honest, I don’t know if this is normal or not.

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